Impact Crusher Parts

JYS Casting is a professional impact crusher parts manufacturers, choose different materials according to working conditions, with a new high-performance composite materials, the average life expectancy has increased over the  2-3 times.Material: CR27,Cr21, Cr27Mo

JYS CASTING Offers the Following Impact Crusher Spare Parts







MR 100 R     F10039722   F10327412   F10408402   F10620222

MR 100 Z      F10039722   F10327412   F10408402   F10620222

MR 110 R EVO     F20013343    F20007840    F20011044     2219822

MR 110 Z EVO      F20013343    F20007840    F20011044     2219822

MR122 Z     F10038791    F10308431    F10356771

MR130 R     F10343421    F10330751    F10408421    2191368    F20006171

MR130 R EVO     F20013344    F20010951    F20011039    2196048     2200201

MR130 Z      F10343421    F10330751    F10408421    2191368    F20006171

MR130 Z EVO      F20013344    F20010951    F20011039    2196048     2200201


Rockster                                                               Rubble Master

R800&900 •R900                                                      RM100•RM80•RM70•RM60


Pegson                                                                 Striker

XH320 •428 •4242SR •1412•XH500                     SCE0910 HD• SCE0912 HD


Parker                                                                 Kawasaki

105                                                                         KIS-1315HM


Tesab                                                                   Terex Finlay

623S wheel impact• 623 Tracked                             I-130 •I-130SR

623S wheeled•643T•643CC •643CCT




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