Metso Jaw Crusher Parts

JYS Casting can supply all the types of Metso jaw crusher parts. Over 30 years casting experience and lots of steel casting models bring the best quality jaw crusher parts to customers! Jaw crusher parts include jaw crusher wear parts and crusher mechanical parts.Jaw crusher wear parts include jaw plate,line plate and side plate.
Through our application-driven, site-specific engineering capabilities, our offering of replacement jaw crusher parts of most any origin has gained acceptance and earned the confidence of aggregate and mining operations around the world. JYS Casting is your best choice.

JYS Casting Parts For Metso Jaw Crusher Type

  • C80™ • C96™ • C100™• C106™ • C116™ • C120™• C130™•C150™ • C160™ • C200™
  • LT80™  • LT96™  • LT100™ •  LT106™  • LT116™ • LT120™ • LT130™ •  LT150™ • LT160™

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts Material

In standard, our foundry choose the manganese steel for jaw crusher wear parts.The manganese content is critical to the span life of jaw crusher parts and the cost efficiency of your operation. Manganese content can range between 9% – 24%,it is usually referenced as;

  • 14% = 13-14% MN
  • 18% = 17% – 19% MN
  • 21% = 21% – 24% MN

Castings with any of these manganese percentages could be the right ones for your application.  It just depends on what goods you’re crushing. Based on your crushed goods, microelements content aslo can change to suit. Such as ,the elements”chrome” can increase the hardness of casting crusher parts.

Metso Jaw Plate Types

  • Standard.It’s good used in gravel and non abrasive rock . The features: Tooth spacing ideal for fines removal,Power requirement and crushing stresses are in balance, Less slabby product,,Reduced lifetime in abrasive application.
  • Superteeth .Which general use in gravel and blasted rock. The features: Tooth spacing ideal for fines removal , More tooth contact surface area compared to standard profile , More wearable Mn-steel than in standard jaws, Power requirement and crushing stresses are in balance ,Less slabby product.
  • Quarry .Which good in abrasive and/ or blasted rock. The features:Flat tooth profile maximizes lifetime (more surface area to crush with) ,More wearable Mn-steel than in standard jaws ,Higher stresses and power requirements ,Less space for fines to pass through (fines removal from feed material is important),Increase in slabby product.