HP Series Cone Crusher Common Malfunctions

Common Malfunctions In Crusher body:

  • Eccentric Bushings are burned
  • Head Bushings are burned
  • Counter Weight had broken
  • Frame Seat Liner had damaged

Eccentric Bushings are burned

Eccentric Bushings are burnedThere are many reasons will cause eccentric bushings are burned. However, the mainly reasons are:

  • Overload
  • Poor lubrication

Overload Problem

The reasons for overload:

  • There are iron plates in the crushed raw material.
  • Feed material size is too small.
  • The segregation of feed material.
  • Feed material too wet.
  • Output opening size too small.
Overload  Performance

When crush iron plates:

  • Instantaneous current is too high.
  • Adjust ring violently beating.

When feed material is too small or other problems:

  • Long time current is too high.
  • Adjust ring frequently beating.

Lubrication Problem

Lubrication Problem

  • Lubricant grade is wrong. The right lubricant grade is IS0 150 grade.
  • Lack of lubricating oil.Check the ability to lubricate pump.
  • Lubricant is dirty. There are some dirty goods in the lubricant, so we need chear them up.

How to judge eccentric bushings are damaged or not?

  • Idle current too high.
  • The inertia stop time is less than 45 seconds.
  • When oil return, the temerature is too high.
  • There are some strange good on the filter.

The damage reasons for head bushing

  • The damage reasons for head bushingIntermittent feed raw material.
  • Idle time is too long.
  • Lubrication problems.

Intermittent feed raw material causes head bushings destory

When plant start to Idle,head body and eccentric bushings will same direction fastly run. After feed raw material,head body and eccentric bushings will opposite direction slowly run.If long time intermittent feed raw material,head body and eccentric bushings need frequently change the steering and speed.In this situation,head body collides eccentric bushings. It will damage head body and eccentric bushings.

Long time idle will damage upper head bushings

When running with load,upper head bushings extruding socket liner. Head body will swing becuase its weight, at the same time, upper head bushings will collide socket liner.

Counter Weight had broken

The reason:output material keep long in stock on the CNTRSHFT. After counter weight protect plates are worn out,operater do not change the plates in time.

Phenomenon: After counter weight wear out,the crusher will Swinging seriously.

Result: The hp series cone cruhser will damage.

The reason for Accumulate material:

  • Too wet input feed raw material.
  • There are some woods,roots,belts and others in the feed raw material.

The solution:Install 4 pcs square steels on the outside of counter weight protect plates. Like the picture 1:

picture 1

Frame Seat Liner had damaged

The reason: Adjust ring frequently. beating

The solution: Many customers told us it is difficult to weld frame seat liner on the frame. According to our experience, we need notice following points:

  • Clear up welding point.
  • Before weld,need heating welding point to 100°C
  • From middle position to outside position.
  • After welding, welding point need keep warmly.