JYS Casting’s Jaw Plate Production Process

Smelting process

Smelting was carried out in a 500Kg acidic medium frequency electric furnace.
(1) prior to the addition of 500Kg acidic medium frequency furnace melting scrap and pig iron clean, then add chromium iron, tungsten, iron, nickel, steel composition adjustment.
(2) 5 to 10 minutes before the steel has been added before the ferromanganese and ferrosilicon.
(3) Adding 0.05% pure aluminum deoxidation before get out the steel, around 2 minutes
(4) hot metal baked temperature control in the 1460 ~ 1500 ℃ .
(5) in the bag into the 1.4Kg rare earth complex modifier for treatment.
(6) to the bag into the appropriate amount of thermal insulation residue agent coverage, and calm for 5 minutes or so, slag.
(7) molten iron pouring temperature control in 1360 ~ 1400 ℃ .

Modeling core technology

Molding process using organic ester water glass sand process.
Ingredients: Sand and sand under the box: the original sand (40/70 mesh) 100% + water glass 5% (accounting for the original sand weight) + organic ester 12% (water glass weight) + EZK collapsing agent 2.5% The original sand weight).
On the box sand: the original sand 100% + 4.5% water glass (accounting for the original sand weight) + 12% organic ester (water glass weight), without collapsing agent.
Mixing process: the original sand plus collapsing agent mixed for 1 minute → add organic ester mixed 2 ~ 3 minutes → add water glass mixed 1 ~ 2 minutes → sand
Sand can be used: 25 to 30 minutes
Stripping time: 0.5 to 1.5 hours
Paint with alcohol-based zirconium powder coating, requires full mixing, evenly brushing twice, the ignition quick-drying.
Riser insulation with floating beads.
The casting surface of the trial production of good quality, no casting defects.

Heat treatment process

After the casting is cleaned, heat treatment is carried out. Heat treatment in the car-type resistance furnace, the heat treatment process is “normalized air-cooled + tempering air-cooled.” The hardness of castings after heat treatment is HRC60.5, the impact toughness is as high as 8.1J / cm2 (10 × 10 × 55mm without notched specimen).

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