High Wear Resistance Manganese Casting Parts Cone Liners

Cone liner,one of the most important crusher wear parts in the cone crusher.Cone liner and bowl liner are directed to crusher materials,so they are also need exchange regularly. JYS Casting cone liners are created specifically for kinds of machines based upon many years of application knowledge and experience;Reduces the number of liner changes required;All the manganese cone liners cast by original drawings to fix crusher plant perfectly.

Cone Liner Produce Process

  1. Retrieval the drawings from Drawing Library or check with customers.
  2. Pattern Making and Checking.Most of cone liners patterns are made by wood.
  3. Retrieval raw materials which based on custom design or our process design, then inspection of the raw materials.
  4. Melting by middle-frequency induction furnace.
  5. Ladle analysis by spectrometer and Make the documents of “Elements Chemical Composition Analysis ”.
  6. Deoxygenating, Slag-removal,tapping.
  7. Pouring.
  8. Opening and fettling.
  9. Surface and dimensional check,make the document of “Dimensional Checking Report”.
  10. Heat Treatment.
  11. Inspection of physical property, make the document of “Inspection Checking Report”
  12. Printing,packing and shipping.

When do you change cone liners?

It is our experience that too many people lean towards too late, the optimum time to change a liner really depends on how much money you are prepared to lose to production losses to get the maximum use out of a wear component. In order to avoid damage to the liner seating surfaces of the crusher head or bowl, wear parts
must be replaced before they are worn through. In normal conditions, approximately 50% of the liner weight is consumed when liners are worn out. It is important to keep a record of liner wear in order to assess the degree of liner wear without the need to stop the crusher operation.

How do you change cone liners?

Kinds of cone liner stocked in our warehouse

We stock large number of cone liner,which can fix almost all famous brands cone crusher. Such as  telsmith,trio,shanbao and so on.If you need good wear resistance cone liners, contact us right now! you will get the professional advice and suitable price.

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